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North Carolina's, A Cadence of Sorts, have progressively taken shape and proven themselves as fresh air among a scene where both complacency and mediocrity reign. Drawing heavily from influences such as Cool Hand Luke, Copeland, and Brand New, the guys have embraced their art form which resides in faith, hope, and love. Songs have been described as urgent, yet soothing, capturing the essence of a desperate heart coaxed in complete surrender. A Cadence of Sorts is now promoting the up and coming release of their debut EP, "Word Travels Fast." Look for the band on tour consistently throughout the duration of 2005 and into early 2006.
//taken from the official website

Chris West - Lead Vocals/Guitar
JD Salazar - Guitar
Ryan Nimmo - Guitar/Vocals
Dan Celikoyar - Drums
Kyler Boggess - Bass

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